Air Terminals & Dampers

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Air Terminals & Dampers

Air terminal units are small air handlers designed for local use and may only include an air filter, coil, and blower. These simple terminal units are called “blower coils” or “fan-coil unit” Make-up air units are larger air terminals that condition 100 percent outside air (and no re-circulated air). Air handlers designed for outdoor use, typically mounted on rooftops, is known as a “packaged unit” (PU) or “rooftop unit” (RTU).100 percent outside air conditions no circulated air.

The damper is a valve or plate that stops regulating the flow of air inside a duct, VAV box. Vents with motor-driven louvers can be actuated electronically or via pressure valve. Available in many sizes and configurations.

–          Commercial & Industrial control dampers
–          UL list fire, smoke and combination dampers.
–          Diffusers and Louvers
–          CAV and VAV boxes.
–          Explosion proof dampers.

Manufacturer(s) : Dowco,  Krueger, Metalaire, Ruskin,

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