P/A System

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P/A System

D-Logixs, Leader of Digital PA & AV System

Worldwide Leading Company:

Since its establishment in 1988, D-Logixs has developed itself into an enterprise in the public address system industry. D-Logixs has introduced IC Drive and Module for digital amplifier. Now, D-Logixs are going to spread out products to power amplifier for public address field in World.

– P/A Systems
– Digital Power Amplifiers
– P/A Speakers

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Our software can control digital public address system totally, is supporting overall operating system function with touch screen
through screen monitor. Moreover this is visually showing its status for easily understanding to system operator and can control
complicated system with a screen totally.

– Digital Public Address Operating System with easy touch screen control on fancy graphic display
– Broadcast each floor and entire building. BGM, recorded and advanced broadcasting.
– Automatically controls Emergency Broadcasting and display screen change in case of fire alarm.
– TTS Volume & Mixer control for CD, DECK, TUNER
– Broadcasts detail confirmation with recorded unit display monthly and annually.
– Remote LAN Control using Network System (Option)

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