Industrial / Adiabatic Cooling System

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Industrial / Adiabatic Cooling System 

Industrial / Adiabatic cooling system is designed to enhance the thermal performance of air-cooled condensers and dry air coolers by reducing the effective incoming air temperature.

Adiabatic systems can be applied to air cooled condensers and dry air coolers when there is a reasonable difference between the dry bulb and wet bulb temperatures.

The following benefits and features may be achieved when fitting adiabatic systems:

  • Fluid temperatures lower than ambient dry bulb when there is sufficient difference between the dry bulb and wet bulb is temperatures.
  • Reduction in physical size of plant.
  • Increasing in capacity on existing dry systems.
  • Standby – used as emergency capacity on critical applications or upgrades.


Temperature reduction is achieved by spraying water into the incoming air via a series of  sparge pipes and nozzles located adjacent to the heat exchange coils.



*   Click here to open a pdf file containing Industrial / Adiabatic cooling system catalogue.