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Auto Roof Ventilation System (ARV)

Auto Roof  Ventilation System brings you expertly engineered equipment with over 100 combined years of experience.





Roda is a VdS-accredited manufacturer of natural smoke and heat extraction systems. As such we have an extraordinary obligation as far as the perfect operation of our systems is concerned. For with fire safety equipment there can’t be any compromises in respect of functionality even after many years of use. We therefore put our faith in top quality materials, perfect manufacture

Our product portfolio, which is sold around the globe, is completed by further systems for industrial venting and ventilation, daylight lighting equipment and translucent façade systems.


–          Automatic Fire and Smoke Relief
–          Continuous Ridge Ventilator
–          Heat and smoke vent
–          Thermo flow




Manufacturer(s) :  RODA, Western Canwell

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