Electric Duct Heater

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Electric duct Heaters

Mounted inline in an HVAC system.
These heat air as it passes over an electrically heat coil. Can be actuated remotely via BMS or locally via temperature sensor. Our partners are long established leader in the design and manufacture of electric comfort heating equipment and controls aimed at the commercial, industrial marketplace.
Our partners heating products are custom designed built to exact specification and must endure stringent quality control testing.

–          Open coil Duct Heaters
–          Finned Tube Duct Heaters
–          Cabinet Heaters
–          Unit Heaters
–          Explosion Proof Heaters
–          Immersion Heaters

Manufacturer(s) : Neptronic, Brasch


* Click here to download a pdf file containing Neptronic  Product Catalogs.
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